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Up and running
Up and running in as little as 24hrs.
• Secure & Compliant • Approval Workflow
• Catalog Management • ERP Interface

What is K12Buy.com?
K12Buy.com is a website that specializes in providing SpendManagerPro™.com a professional grade, e-Procurement solution customized specifically for Education.

Why would I use it?
SpendManagerPro™.com is the best and fastest way to save your organization money, bar none. It is one of the most advanced and easy to use e-procurement solutions available to date and employs a host of patent pending features designed to help you cut costs and improve efficiencies in ways never before thought possible.

Free? What’s the catch?
Yes, it is free and there is no catch. Our strategy is simple, provide the essential tools you need for robust, compliant, enterprise wide e-procurement with turnkey suppliers from Amazon.com to W.W.Grainger at no upfront or annual cost. Should you decide to enhance or customize the standard features, a small cost may apply.

How can we be up and running so fast?
SpendManagerPro™.com is offered as a turnkey, internet-based, private, business-to-business marketplace solution that can be deployed and quickly customized to meet strategic sourcing requirements. Wizard driven interfaces for both organization users and vendors require little to no training even for the novice user, yet provide all of the powerful features that you expect from a leader in e-Procurement solutions. Powerful, easily configurable options can eliminate the burden on IT staff, while On Demand training exists within SpendManagerPro™.com to further speed user adoption.

What features come with the free version of SpendManagerPro™.com?
Every essential feature you need for enterprise business e-Procurement is provided in the free version of SpendManagerPro™.com from automatic order aggregation to workflow approval capability. Contact us for a list of our comprehensive features.

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